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Speculative fiction authors, both past and contemporary, well-known and not so well-known (yet), writers of short stories or novels or both, authors of science fiction or fantasy or horror or slipstream, or all of these. In alphabetical order by surname or by site title.

Neal Asher
Site of a prolific British speculative fiction writer.

Charlotte "Charlee" Boyett-Compo
"The official homepage of award-winning author Charlotte "Charlee" Boyett-Compo with synopses, excerpts, and reviews of her many speculative fiction titles."

Keith Brooke
The site of fantasy novelist Keith Brooke, who also runs Infinity Plus. You can read Keith Brooke's online fantasy novel here.

Eric Brown
SF novelist Eric Brown's page.

Orson Scott Card
Hatrack River - the Official Web Site of Orson Scott Card

Lewis Carroll home page
A guide to resources online and in print for the author of  'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'.

Hertzan Chimera - see entry under red hedz

Cold and Alone
The bizarre website of independent press horror writer Simon Logan.

Carol Anne Davis
Read about her mortuary-based novel Shrouded, sexually sadistic novel Safe As Houses and suicide-themed chapbook Expiry Date. Carol updates her site most weeks and will have new dark books published in autumn 2000 and 2001.

Alex Domokos
"Mr. Domokos is a versatile author of poems, short stories, plays, essays and novels as well as an accomplished sculptor, photographer and cinematographer. He currently has five books in publication in his native Hungary and his works have been included in several Anthologies of Canadian-Hungarian authors." Also the author of the speculative fiction novel Prometheus - winner of the LiFE award for writing that highlights environmental awareness.

Read a review of Prometheus
Go to the Author Interview with Alex Domokos

Hatrack River
The Official Web Site of Orson Scott Card.

Marc Janeke
Author of SF novel 'Liberation Quest'.

Ben Jeapes
The home page of a British Science Fiction writer -- lots of useful and interesting stuff.  Ben also runs the Milford and Odyssey home pages, which are accessible from his site.

Constructing Franz Kafka
A comprehensive site about the famous Czech author.

Stephen King
"The man, the rumors, the answers..."

MF Korn's Dandy Ghoul Asylum of the Literary Insane
The title speaks for itself.

DF Lewis
The weird and wonderful site of Des Lewis, author of 1,300 published short stories.

Charles De Lint
Acclaimed Canadian fantasy novelist.

Simon Logan
Cold and Alone - The bizarre website of this independent press horror writer.

Brian Maycock
Horror novel 'From The Darkness' can be read online, free of charge, at the site.

Bonnie Mercure
The dark fiction of Bonnie Mercure.

Willie Meikle
Horror and fantasy author from Fife. First scottish horror novel "Island Life" released in paperback on 31st October 2001 by Barclay Books in the States. Over 150 stories in horror/fantasy/SF magazines; self published vampire novel; a collection of Scottish supernatural stories available at AMAZON, Barnes and Noble etc. Also contributing editor for the writing site WritingNow.com and about to launch a Scottish supernatural ezine (Moonlicht Nicht).

Daniel Pearlman
Check out the details of Dan's new fiction collection, THE BEST-KNOWN MAN IN THE WORLD AND OTHER MISFITS at his dowse page

Laurance Pearsongreer
"Writing Paranormal/Speculative/Histories and Mystical/Science Fiction Such as: "Through the Necromanteum: Project FAR-REACH" Finalist in the 2000 Preditor and Editorís Top 10 Cover Art category. Also the Epic Adventure: "Soul Traveler" Sci-FI finalist in the 2001 DREAM REALMS Awards. Visit this music rich realm that shelters unusual stories, novels and artwork, also articles, essays and links on Astrology, Reincarnation, Metaphysics, and Quantum physics."

red hedz
The incredibly weird fiction and disturbing artwork of Hertzan Chimera.

Steve Savile
More than just an author site, this contains: "the first e-serial from the pen of an English Horror writer, THE SUFFERER'S SONG will be delivered every fortnight, the novel will run for not less than 120,000 words."

Rick Schiver
"Horror/SF writer. First novel "Adversary" available soon. Rick Schiver aka: Mr Shiver."

Resources site about the author of one of the original science fiction novels. 

Stella Sole
"Official website of the writer Stella Sole.
This site contains information about her life, some published reviews, her books with their summaries, some quotations taken from her books, interpretation of dreams, a scrapbook of the author and an online reading group which deals with topics appearing in her books..."

Kelly Steed
"Kelly writes Sci-Fi; site contains a bio, poetry, articles and information on her books."

Rita Toews
Children's novels as well as short stories for adults - some humorous and others dark.

Liz Williams
Liz writes speculative fiction short stories and has a science fantasy novel, Ghost Sister (available from Bantam Spectra) which is highly recommended by us. She is also a travel writer and a member of Storyville.

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